What some have said ...


"She has a unique understanding of the world and deep connection to her energy and the energy of those around her. Naturally intuitive, observant and insightful." -- Owner, Paladino Casting

"Wow thanks Alex you pretty much hit the nail on the head with everything. Very accurate. Thanks so much it does help with me being able to help my daughters. Hope all is well I will be in touch." -- Carol C., Client & Nurse

 "Alex is the real deal! Her paranormal gifts transcend intuition and are uncanny in their accuracy." -- Isadar, Sony Music Dept.

"Alexandra gives a whole new meaning to juggling family & work! Her abilities to touch the spirit world while teaching her children to hone their skills is amazing. She's truly a modern day marvel!" -- Actor Ernie Hudson 

 "Alexandra is an expert on the paranormal following in her famous father, Hans Holzer's, footsteps. She is the daughter of the foremost paranormal expert in the world". -- Lynne Palmer, Astrologer

 "Alexandra is one of those fascinating souls who challenges you to consider all the possibilities in the most positive way. She captivated our global radio audience with her talent and skills".-- Deb Scott, BA CPC

"Thank you, so much. I shared this with my sister. I wish I could let everything go." -- Sandra, A Client

 "She is articulate, intelligent and the details she shares from the other side are full of love, understanding, encouragement and humor. Alex explains in detail when a presence is in the room".

-- Linda, A Client 

Seth Porges "Return To Amityville" May 2012 issue Maxim Magazine, "When it came time to look for the weapon [pistol recovered from Amityville canal by team in January], Katzenbach consulted with psychics. According to Katzenbach, both said a gun was in the canal.” “Alex would tell me things, I was skeptical. She relayed details about a private relationship. I was dumfounded. Familiar with the case some will likely disqualify what comes next. “Testing" my own faith in my research asked for a read of a photo. "There's a gun in the water”. The sentence was matter-of-fact."